“As the Nutrition Director at META Solutions, it was my job to procure food products on behalf of META’s member districts, including dairy products, so when the opportunity for a no cost bid assessment and retroactive purchasing valuation was presented to me, I jumped at the opportunity. The process was incredibly simple; I merely facilitated key data from districts to Steve and his team who then did all the work. It was a turnkey and painless process that ended up significantly financially benefiting META’s member
districts. Not only were unfair pricing practices corrected, but because Dairy Savers analyzes our pricing for compliance with the bid language, there’s a guarantee that member districts are paying only what they should be paying. Hiring Dairy Savers was a huge net positive for us as he’s devised a solution where districts cannot lose.”

Stephanie Zinger Fiscal Agent/Nutrition Director
"I cannot speak highly enough of Steve Benner and the team at Dairysavers. Dairysavers took care of the bid process at no cost. This allowed me to concentrate on other food service operations in the district. They saved my budget over .02 cents per half pint. This was an estimated $50,000 this school year. Dairysavors monitors the bid on a monthly basis, which eases my mind that we will not be over charged. Dairysavers discovered that the district had been overcharged nearly $7000 in a four month period. Steve and his team negotiated with the supplier and we will be receiving a check for the full amount.

I know that I do not know all the specifics regarding writing a bid. With the emphasis that ODE has put on procurement, Dairysavers made the process easy and I knew that I would be in compliance."

Erin Cole -Food Service Director Canton City Schools